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“We want to be present in every stage of a student’s life from pre-school to placement. It will be our constant endeavour to improve society through the force that education possesses..”


About Bhats Coaching Classes

Bhats Coaching Classes was born through the vision and perseverance of Mr. Manoj Bhat. The main focus of Bhats Coaching Classes is to impart quality education while enhancing the overall skills of the student. With an emphasis on improving consistency in achieving results along with the overall development of the student, Bhats Coaching Classes has emerged as an industry leader in the field of academic coaching.

Today, Bhats Coaching Classes is a reputed name in the field of coaching classes, providing its tutoring services through outlets strategically spread across 15 differennt locations in Bangalore. With a wide range of courses, our coaching academy provides courses and tutoring services for a wide range of educational levels, from Grade 4 and PUC students to those preparing for NEET and JEE. Just one browse through the facilities that Bhats Coaching Classes offers and you will be able to appreciate the versatility that we possess in the field of academic coaching.

With dedicated faculty and a friendly environment that encourages students to ask questions and seek out answers, students are inspired to achieve academic and extra-curricular success. Sticking to the curriculum, we have integrated innovative learning and facilitating techniques that are sure to make learning an enjoyable experience in our tutoring academy.

Unique Aspects of Bhats Coaching Classes

  • Highly Qualified And Experienced Teachers.
  • 1 Teacher Per 20 Studen.
  • Meticulously Structured Curriculum.
  • Standardized study material with emphasis on conceptual learning.
  • Amalgamation of real life examples with subjects.
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of the educational performance of students.
  • On-ground facilities secured with CCTVs and other tech-savvy advancements.
  • Home Tuitions

Our Vision

  • To be a consistent name in the field of tutoring services and coaching classes by creating an environment of excellence in imparting quality education. Our first and foremost objective is to ensure that students to gain the maximum from our tutoring academy.
  • To make our students torch bearers for the creation of a productive and well-informed generation through education. Our essence is to ensure that our students would be stepping out into the world with confidence in their own abilities and consideration for other’s limitations.

Our Mission

  • We are firm in our belief that education will bring about equality in the world and should be accessible to all. Inquisitiveness, curiosity and ingenuity are three qualities that we encourage in our students.
  • Our faculty is continuously exposed and sensitised to the adoption of new techniques of facilitation and teaching, by laying emphasis on capacity building and empowerment programmes for students.